The founders of Panetto Foods have tons of pizza experience having started two successful pizza chains. With this pizza restaurant experience comes over 35 years of collecting all sorts of feedback from customers about pizza product and in particular pizza crust. Almost a decade ago we realized that the “gluten-free” craze was turning into much more than a craze – it was here to stay- and with good reason! Our gluten free pizza crust was helping a multitude of people who thought that they could never eat pizza again – and this wasn’t just any pizza- it was delicious! 

In 2014 we formed Panetto Foods in Everett Washington to offer high quality bakery items and gluten free items for retail and wholesale. Our facility uses strict safe handling procedures to ensure that our gluten free product truly is “Gluten-Free”. We are a small facility that is committed to making sure that every one of our “small batches” of both Gluten Free and classic bakery products are of the very highest standard. You can taste the difference! Currently we partner with Specialty Distributing, DPI distributors, Kroger, The Cheeseman, Garlic Jim’s Famous Gourmet Pizza, Jet City Pizza, Mad Pizza, and many other restaurants and grocery store outlets.