Pioneering Gluten Free

The Founders and operators of Panetto Foods personally oversaw the first launch of Gluten Free Pizza in a national chain back in 2008. Working with Garlic Jim's Famous Gourmet Pizza and the Gluten Intolerance Group (GIG), they created the first gluten free pizza crust that was not just delicious Gluten Free pizza, but delicious pizza! In 2008 there was a general feeling that gluten free products didn't need to taste good, that those intolerant or sensitive to gluten would eat it anyway. That wasn't good enough, so Panetto developed the crust formula that would become the foundation to Garlic Jim's, Jet City Pizza, Stark Raving Foods, and many other great, gluten free pizzas.

Launching nationally

The Founders worked with GIG to develop and implement the first cleanliness and cross contamination procedures for both the plant making the crusts and the pizza stores selling them. These processes ensure there is no cross contamination, that there is training and accountability, and there is a trackable vendor source in the unlikely event of an incident. You can enjoy Panetto Foods produced gluten free crusts and pizzas with confidence wherever they are sold.

Looking to buy?

If you are a consumer of gluten free products you can buy directly online or visit a retail establishment featuring our products. If you are a grocer or a distributor and would like to learn more about our gluten free products please contact us at